About Us

We started Peak Outdoors because we love getting outside, trying new things and helping others do the same. We believe that some of the richest experiences are born out of the challenge and wonder that being outdoors provides. Whether it's the excitement of catching that first fish or wave, the exertion of a tough hike followed by the satisfaction of a view from the top, or the release of control to the unpredictable New England weather while camping, the outdoors provides us with authentically human experiences that are hard to come by elsewhere today. 

Being gearheads and wannabe minimalists we have both focused on finding the “right” gear. In the search for the “right” gear we have both purchased a lot of gear (hence the wannabe) and developed a bit of a philosophy for outfitting individuals and their families. The philosophy is based primarily around the scarcity of our two main resources: money and time. Searching endlessly for the right gear and purchasing multiple iterations of it wastes both, so we started Peak Outdoors to help New Englanders have a trusted source of gear that was curated to help you experience all that New England has to offer. 

Full disclosure, that is an evolving process, so you will see our product line grow, change, and maybe shrink at times based on want we find works best and what gives you the biggest bang for your buck. 

Also, we want to hear from you. If there is something that you think we should be carrying that we aren’t, please let us know. If you have questions about how to get yourself, your family or your friends outside get in touch.