Behind the Wetsuit

There are various wetsuits for many water temperatures and numerous styles for your different water activities. Lucky for you, options are abundant for your choosing! 


When looking into buying a wetsuit, the options can seem overwhelming, but the majority of the material is made out of the same matter!

Wetsuits and corresponding water protective gear are products made to keep the user’s body temperature comfortable. The suit retains your heat and provides a protective layer to enclose and insulate your body temperature from the lower levels that the water obtains.

Wetsuits are made up of many materials on different parts of the product and as technology advances, more and more additions are being built on. However, all suits are made up of a stronger-than-average rubber called neoprene. 

The small holes in rubber allow for air bubbles to provide flow and create buoyancy allow the user to stay more afloat. A lighter suit with more stretch to it will provide more airflow which is ideal for swimmers. This rubber material will isolate your temperature and keep the cold water off your body while ideally keep you dry. Some water may seep through other locations on the suit that are not made of this specific medium, such as the collar, but will overall keep your heat in. Traditionally a neoprene suit is lined with nylon, making the slip-on and-off process a lot smoother. Another addition seeking out a suit with nylon is with interest for its the protective quality it provides to the suit’s life and status. 


Different suits and for different waters! Below is a visual to help you find your best pick!


Lauren Belt