10 Best Mountain Biking Spots in New England

COVID-19 brought a lot of horrible things but one positive was the surge in Bike sales.  This means more folks are taking stock of their lives and realizing they want to spend more time outdoors.  For all the new bikers out there here are the top 10 Mountain Biking spots in New England.  

1: Kingdom Trails, East Burke, Vermont

This 150-mile circuit links farming roads with single tracks to offer some of the best Vermont has to offer in riding experience.  At Kingdom Trails you will find trails for all ages and ability levels.  From technical single trails to excavated flow trails, skill parks, pump tracks and mellow double tracks.  Begin your trip at the KTA Welcome Center and purchase a day pass or annual membership.  Here you will also get a map and some recommendations on which trails to take to have the best experience possible.  

2: Millstone Hill Touring Center, Barre, Vermont

Millstone Trails are a system of multi-use trails that traverse the beautiful forest or Barre VT.  This Trail system is best known for its challenging mountain biking and unusual manmade stone features.  However, it is also the perfect place for a hike, family picnic or horseback ride.  Over 70 miles of trails traverse 1,500 acres of terrain.  While this trail system has something for everybody it is best known for its uniquely challenging trails.  With trails like Angry Gnome, Roller Coaster and Vortex how could it not be an amazing adventure.  

3: Bear Brook State Park, Allenstown, New Hampshire

Bear Brook State Park is not simply a system of trails through beautiful forests.  Bear Brook is the largest developed state park in NH.  It has something for everybody, including swimming camping fishing and group picnic areas.  It has 40 miles of trails to accommodate biking, hiking, horseback riding and both snowmobiling and cross-country skiing in the winter.  These trials have something for everybody from beginner to advanced riders and will be sure to keep you entertained.  

4: Grafton Ponds, Grafton, Vermont

Grafton Ponds has always been a top notch cross-country ski destination but thanks to the hard work of director Bill Salon the park has been developed into a great biking spot.  This park features several large jumps, gnarly switchbacks and a steep ravine run.  With 85 trails spanning 1,200 acres Grafton Ponds will keep the family entertained for the day.  While this park does not get into the advanced territory it has plenty of challenging blue trails that will keep even the advanced biker entertained.  

5: Carriage Path Trails, Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine

These wide, hard-packed gravel trails allow bikers access to some of the most secluded parts of the park.  The 43-mile network is ideal for inexperienced bikers.  Spend time circling Eagle Lake, Acadia's second largest body of water or park at the Brown Mountain Gate House off of Route 198 and take the 4.4 mile loop leading to Amphitheater Bridge.  This trail system is great for beginners and intermediate riders looking to have some fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Acadia National Park.  

6: Bradbury Mountain State Park, Pownal, Maine

Offering over 10 miles of single-track mountain bike trails and 5 miles of double-track trails this park has something from everything.  From beginner to advanced all skill levels are welcome.  For the advanced riders start off on the O Trail which is the most technical single-track with hairpin turns and a rock garden.  Beginners can take the 1 mile Northern Loop trail right off of Route 9 and gradually ascend to the summit of Bradbury Mountain.   

7: Savoy Mountain State Forest, Florida, Massachusetts

 In Berkshire County Massachusetts Savoy Mountain State Forest offers an extensive network of bike trails.  With a starting elevation of 2,000 feet and over 50 miles of trails this forest puts the mountain back in mountain biking.  This spot also has over 45 campsites and four log cabins that overlook South Pond.  If you are looking for a place to leave the everyday world behind this is the spot.  

8: Bartlett Experimental Forest, Bartlett, New Hampshire

The trails in this area were carved by snowmobilers but suit bikers just as well.  The paths climb up and down the mountains and across many brooks.  You can spend some time parked on Bear Notch Road preparing to ride down a springy single-track that makes its way through a thick forest and across many streams.  

9: Arcadia Management Area, Hope Valley, Rhode Island

While not always known for its premier riding spots Rhode Island does have some diamonds in the rough.  With over 30 miles of single and double tracks snaking through the forest Arcadia Management Area makes it feel like you are up in the White Mountains.  This area brings the rider back to that feeling of freedom first felt when they got up on two wheels.  

10: Pachaug State Forest, Voluntown, Connecticut 

Pachaug State Forest is CT's largest public space.  The 23,000 acre forest hosts plenty of single and double track trails.  This means a rider can pickup a trail and go where their heart takes them until their legs can no longer hold up.  This spot is situated perfectly within driving distance of New Haven, Providence and Boston allowing riders from all over to enjoy the trails.